Washington's Birthday, President's Day, or Presidents' Day?

Posted on February 16 2017

Google "Presidents' Day" and half of the posts you'll see concern the proper placement of the apostrophe or make some mention of Washington's birthday. Historically, Presidents' Day (we've checked- there is no consistent grammar rule for the apostrophe so we've decided to follow our own state's official title), was a celebration just for Washington. It is in fact a state holiday, so each state has their own distinction. Here in Vermont, it is "Presidents' Day" yet in our neighboring New Hampshire, they prefer to call it "President's Day". Confusing, huh? 

Well, whether or not your celebrating America’s first president or its 16th (Colorado and Ohio both designate it as "Washington-Lincoln Day"), take a look at our collections and find something patriotic and fun that works for you! We have a range of neckties, bow ties, and lapel pins that are the perfect accessory to add to your outfit!

Here are some Red, White, & Blue options that we love (and did we mention that they are up to 50% off?)! 

Bennington Wine Necktie- This red necktie covered with white polka dots is a fun way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe!

Addison Navy Necktie- This option is perfect if you really want to stand out! The paisley print is a classic look that will definitely catch attention.

Champlain Red Self-Tie Bow Tie- You can never go wrong with a red bow tie that has tiny sailboats floating across it! This bow tie is fun and bright!

Dunmore Blue Self-Tie Bow Tie- Going for a more subtle look? Try this blue, striped bow tie. It’s perfect to wear with a simple white oxford and navy jacket!

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