Brighten Up Your Winter Wardrobe!

Posted on January 27 2017

We all know how dreary the winter months can be - cold days with grey skies. What's the best way to brighten up your winter wardrobe? Bright ties! Here's our list of favorite bright ties to cheer you up this January:
Bennington Wine - Looking for a "can't go wrong" red tie that will never be out of place? Consider this option with bright white polka dots woven in wine red silk. 
Hancock Navy - Small checkerboard pattern is made of navy blue and bright blue squares with pinpoints of white in between.
Montgomery Orange - If you're looking for a little bit of gravitas, but are in no mood for "boring" or "usual," check out this fabulous stripe featuring textured bands of coppery orange and navy blue.
Bolton Gold - Navy blue and silver polka dots woven in warm gold silk will look great on a white shirt with your blue blazer. Be prepared for compliments.
Bristol Green - Different shades and textures of green and navy blue stripes. This could well become your go-to tie.