Graduation Season Has Arrived!

Posted on April 27 2017

Snow has melted and flowers are starting to burst into full bloom. You know what that means? Graduation season! Whether you’re the one graduating or someone you know is, caps and gowns are all the rage this time of year. Here are few tips (style and otherwise) for surviving graduation season:

  • Check the weather – many graduation ceremonies are held outside and the weather can be your greatest enemy. Raining? Bring a poncho or umbrella. Hot? Leave the wool suit at home and opt for something cotton. Blindingly sunny? Don’t forget your sunglasses!
  • Know your audience (and school colors) – little ones graduating from kindergarten probably won’t even notice your tie color much less care what it is but college rivalries can be another story. Don’t get caught wearing Florida State’s garnet and gold to a graduation ceremony at the University of Florida; Opt for their signature orange and blue instead.
  • Keep in mind plans after the ceremony – while it may seem useless to get all dressed up just to throw a gown over your outfit, keep in mind where you may be headed after the ceremony. There probably won’t be a lot of time left after graduation to change from your tee shirt into a suit for dinner with your family, so plan ahead.