Winter In Vermont - Part I - Put on The Sunscreen and Go Outside!

Posted on January 12 2016

Let's face it.  There are several different winters in Vermont.  There is the sunny, cold, snow-covered winter that sings a siren song to the skier, the skater and the snowmobile meister; it woos anyone who loves the outdoors - and loves wearing hats.  This great outdoor winter is brittle and shiny.  It is full of edgy sounds; the crunch of boots on snow, skis digging their edges into trails and skate blades seeking purchase on ice.  It is a season of bundling up - be it children in snowsuits or grown-ups in more fashionable takes on essentially the same outdoor gear; the trick is to cover as much skin as possible, but maintain a clear line of sight. This Vermont winter is pink cheeks and white breath.

And yes, this is the Vermont winter that has bred more Oplympians (per capita, and obviously of the winter variety) than any other state in the nation. Not only that, it looks really nice on postcards. 

It's not the only winter that Vermont offers, but it is iconic and no doubt it has played its part in shaping the reputation of Vermonters as being somewhat laconic and awfully stubborn. That's what it takes, evidently, to get through a long, cold winter.  

Are there other winters in Vermont?  You bet.  After all, not everyone finds being outside in the cold all that appealing!  We'll tell you more about our other winters soon. 




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