White After Labor Day? Why Not?

Posted on September 14 2015

The fashion rule banning white after Labor Day was written for your father.  Probably for your grandfather.  Forget about it, and go ahead and wear white whenever it suits you. Here are some easy ways to rock white this fall.

1) Start small. White pants may be going overboard, but white accents are no-brainers.  A tie with white details is an option if you're wearing a tie.  If not, and you're looking for a casual, but not TOO casual look, just tuck a predominantly white pocket square into your jacket's breast pocket.

2) Change up your fabrics.  As temperatures drop, and leaves start to change color, it's time to bid farewell to your cotton and linen wardrobe.  Not to worry, though; white wool or cashmere are great seasonal choices, and both will transition easily into “winter white.”

3) Experiment with off-white and cream. While too much really WHITE white can be overwhelming (unless it's showing off your summer tan) changing it up to a cream-colored cable knit sweater, for instance, can be an awesome "not quite white" choice as fall advances.
4) Mix lighter hues with fall and winter colors to make the most of both. Of course. But you had probably already figured that out.

Bottom line? Don't worry about fashion "rules."  Wear what works best for your own sense of style. 

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