Game, Set, Match: Top Ten Outdoor Sports

Posted on August 21 2015

As fall approaches and the weather turns, our options for outdoor activities diminish. However, we still have a few weeks left and here’s our list of top ten outdoor sports to enjoy before the leaves turn. 

Singles or doubles, it’s the only sport where love means nothing. The US Open starts August 31st! 

Swap your shorts for a bathing suit and just add water.  

Grab your buds and make a game.  Whiffle ball will do.  (Of course, it's getting to be crunch time in the major leagues, so  you have the option to just turn on the game and cheer for your team.)

Watching the U.S. women’s national team win the World Cup this summer was inspiring! Maybe it's time to try your hand (or rather, foot) at a game of soccer.  
Cue up “Surfin’ USA” and head to the beach.  Or try paddle-boarding, instead. Less intimidating.

Ultimate Frisbee
Stereotypical college sport played on the quad, ultimate in fun as an organized game. Best part? Yelling “Ultimate!” before the first throw of the game. 
Yes, mini-golf counts!  Whatever your course or skill level, keep calm and try not to pull a Happy Gilmore if a shot goes awry. 

Or rowing or sailing or canoeing or rafting.  Your choice.
Beach Volleyball
Nope - a beach is not required!  A volleyball, a net and some sand will suffice. Show off those spikes and volleys and be grateful that sand is soft. 
Rock Climbing
Feeling brave?  Got some mountains close by?  Go for it!  No mountains? No problem! Head to an indoor rock gym and scale those walls.  
Whatever your sport of choice, don't let these last great days of summer get away from you!

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