Coming Soon! Weybridge 1761

Posted on July 30 2015

And you should be interested why? I’ll tell you why. Because if you’re like most of us, there is an ongoing challenge to find stuff we need at prices that seem reasonable. Or at least manageable.

And you should consider ties something you need because..? Because if you’re a guy, the fact is that sooner or later – for school or the job or the wedding or just a cool new look – you’re going to have to have some go-to ties in the closet. And while it’s important that those ties be of decent quality, and in styles and designs that won’t embarrass you a year from now, you’re not going to want to assign a measurable percentage of your net annual income to the effort. Am I right? Yes, I am.

Hence, Weybridge1761, where we are all about ties. We love them. And we were determined to produce them in great fabrics with classic designs, and to sell them sell for totally unexpected prices (while still trying to make a little money). Happy to announce now: We did it!

Our ties will cost just $25 each – and because we want you to buy a couple and check them out, we’re going to sell them for $17.61 apiece when we open the store and welcome you in.

So mark your calendar. The website launches on the 12th of August. Be there!

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