Shopping and Summertime and Style

Posted on May 03 2016

So, you’re not the only one who does a little window shopping, a little web browsing,
a little bargain hunting. We do it, too, and we hit pay dirt – just in time for a
necessary refreshing of your tie wear for the summer.

Ties in the summer, you ask? Well, why not!? You’re still going to work, right?
You’re probably off to a couple of weddings where it wouldn’t hurt to make an effort
to spiff up the look a little. And who doesn’t love seeing a guy at a summer concert
in the park wearing shorts, an oxford shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a bow tie
(tied or not) around his neck? (And if you want to go all preppy, be sure you’re not
wearing socks, and have a sweater on hand to tie around your shoulders… you know
what we’re talking about.) All that being said, not every tie is a great choice for
summer. You’re going to want some lighter/brighter colors and maybe a cotton tie
or two (especially in those quasi-casual situations).

Well, you’re in the right place. We’re introducing some really great summer silk ties
– the booty from our shopping spree. They are in rather short supply (self tie bows
and neckties only), but we couldn’t resist grabbing what was available and sharing
them with you. Awesome colours. Great design. High-quality silk. And outstanding
workmanship. They’ll be available tomorrow!

We found some awesome cottons, as well. Again, the quantities are limited, but the
ties are great! Watch your email. We’ll be introducing them soon.

And if you just can’t wait for the newest ties to arrive, we’ve brought back some
popular choices from our original line. They sold out fast the first time around, so if
you see something and you want it – grab it!

The point is, summer doesn’t mean you need to reduce your dress code to t-shirts,
shorts and flip-flops just because it’s warm outside. Wear a tie once in awhile. Make
your sartorial mark. After all, as author and well-dressed man man Charles Hix said,
“Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect.”

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